The Ten Commandments of Kishkizism

  1. Always try to be as sexy as possible in the next millisecond. As a reference for sexiness, use this image:
  2. Always remember to eat food unless you can’t, in which case just eat yourself and if you can’t do that then just pray to Vivivuvu.
  3. Always remember to drink some form of fluid to stay alive. Sometimes semen is a good idea. Sometimes urine is too.
  4. Always remember that these commandments are so essential for your avoidance of hell.
  5. Always remember that hell is so scary that some people are too scared to admit it’s real.
  6. Convert people to this religion. It makes Vivivuvu like you more.
  7. Always masturbate if you want to do it and have the chance to. It’s awesome because Vivivuvu says so.
  8. Never give up unless you want to. If you want to then just do it and stop wasting time.
  9. Don’t follow commandment 10.
  10. Follow commandment 9.

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