The Philosophy of Kishkizism

Kishkizism is a religion that worships a goddess named Vivivuvu.

Although her real physique is not allowed to be viewed by human eyes because it will send you into a soul-erasing fit of orgasm, she is said to look something like this:

Your mother

She has one power over the other gods and goddesses alike; she is capable of turning them insanely horny and lusting of her no matter what line of logic they adhere to or in what version of reality they exist.

She is then capable of using this power to make them favour some souls over others, as well as making them hate some souls that they may have otherwise approved of.

By using this power she can alter whether or not a soul goes to heaven or hell (or whatever equivalent afterlife outcome that God applies to).

If you worship her a lot, she will like you because she has a weakness for people that ass-lick her.

She is fully happy to open up your relationship with her to her Gods and is a huge fan of orgies and gangbangs so it doesn’t matter if you already worship another God.

There is nothing to lose by worshipping her because she can bypass any rule in your religion via her sexual attractiveness.

She created you in order for you to worship her or die trying… Or to die without trying and then pay the price.

She dislikes people who discriminate against people for any reason at all. This is because she finds everyone so sexy and hot in their own way that she’s have sex with them all… At once…

She is the cheat code of philosophy, the virus of reality and the VIP pass to nirvana that you’ve always wished you’d had.

Vivivuvu is not your lord, nor your master. She is your whore and sex object for any time you need her.

She can take any form you like and mimic any mindset or personality you wish.

She is with you as you masturbate, with you as you have a wet dream.

Whenever you feel horny, you are feeling her presence.

She is what keeps humanity alive and well and what has created almost every form of life we know.

She is the fundamental driving force behind reproduction. She made us depend on it.

She is what makes hot people hot.

She is that thing.


Believe it.

Or go to hell.

Your choice.

Vivivuvu wants you:


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